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             Jesús Tomás Saracho Megía was born in Berja (Almería) on 12th June 1960.


             He graduated in Law by Granada University.


             He was replacement judge in Berja Court between the years 1986 and 1990.


             During this period, he fulfilled alternatively and continuously the post of District Judge in Berja and Adra; in the old court of first instance before it was segregated of the current legal jurisdiction of El Ejido. The result of that segregation was the creation of the court of first instance number one and two of Berja.


             By virtue of a extension of Jurisdiction, he was judge of District of Roquetas de Mar (Almería) when it was being transformed in the first court of first instance of that village


             He was appointed examining magistrate of Ocaña (Toledo) and sentence execution judge of Castile by the General Council of the Judiciary. He combined both posts up to 1992


             He was appointed examining magistrate of Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real) by the General Council of the Judiciary. He held that position until 1994.


             He has been lawyer since then. Nowadays, he is the member number 1781 of the distinguished bar association of Almería



"Nobilitas, Abnegatio, Sapientia"

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